Information Ministry’s Town Hall meeting turns into NPP, NDC ‘fight’

What was supposed to be the 44th District of the Volta Regional town hall meeting held at Mafi Kumase in the Central Tongu District was reduced to a political talk show of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) communicators while citizens looked on in total dismay.

The programme which is aimed at informing the citizenry as part of the Ministry of Information’s attempt to breach the communication gap between the government and the citizenry was on Wednesday November 21 reduced to a political campaign platform as members of the two major political parties wanted to outdo each other with achievements.

Participants in an interaction with’s Fred Duhoe , could not hide their displeasure about the misuse of the platform created for government’s policies and projects to be explained and room allowed for questioning and clarification while some described it as “NPP general meeting”.

The Volta Regional Director of Information Services Department, Mr Stephen Adzah who set the tone in his address explained that “government must be supported in diverse ways to succeed while touting the achievement of the Nana Addo led government but some known NDC folks who attended won’t take any of that because they expected his explanation to be devoid of political quotation.

“If we had known this was what the so-called town hall meeting was about we won’t have wasted our time coming here. This is NPP general meeting in disguise” Agbeko Azumah expressed his frustration.

Most of the assembly members present were not enthused about what the town hall meeting sought to achieve as they were not permitted to ask questions due to time constraints.

Town hall meeting is part of government’s initiative to disseminate information to the ordinary Ghanaian to best appreciate what government is doing with regards to policies and project implementation.

A team from the Volta Regional office of the Information Services Department (ISD) is touring the entire region with one mission of getting the information to the people in their various assemblies. The encounter in the Central Tongu District marks the 44th out of the 45 districts in the Volta Region.


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