I’m not arrogant as perceived _Fameye cries out

Fameye for some reasons has become the talk of Ghana for the past days. It all happened when viral footage captured him exchanging brutally uncensored words with his manager, Ogidi Brown.

Fast forward, Ghanaians who love showbiz concluded that the ever innocent looking Fameye has picked up a pompous attitude perhaps the dollars keep coming.

But according to Fameye in an interview with blogger Zionfelix, it hurts him so much taking into consideration how Ghanaians judged him quickly saying he’s becoming increasingly arrogant. To the best of his knowledge, it’s unfortunate that others are quick to tag those who fight for their rights as arrogant.

Fameye stressed that anger, argument and misunderstandings are part of human life—but he has now regretted his uncouth behaviour. He disclosed that his manager (Ogidi Brown) signed him because of his humbleness and not necessarily his talent.

Touching on what pushed him to exchange the brutally uncensored words with his manager recently, be posited that he was pushed to act abnormal and that’s the main reason why he rendered an unqualified apology a day after the banter.

According to him, the genesis of the uproar was when his manager and a group of guys approached him for money handed over to him by his Italian promoters (Young Mission) for a show of which his manager gave him the mandate to sign a contract with them.

Source: ghbase.com