I Regret Not Taking My Education Serious_Yvonne Nelson

Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she has regretted not taking her education very serious and she advised that opting for remedial classes to sit for failed papers after Senior High School (SHS) isn’t a good practice, something which should not be encouraged.

She emphatically stated that she got was caught up in so many entertainment affairs during her SHS days that she limited time she had for books.

She noted that failing and making time to re-sit for some papers after school was a herculean task and she wouldn’t wish that for any student.

“I would go on stage every Saturday in SHS. I had to rewrite some papers. I was so into entertainment that I didn’t take my schooling serious. You can easily mess up and not make it to university. I regret not paying attention to my books so when I see kids of today, I tell them to pay attention to their books.

I was in Central University. And it wasn’t easy mixing sets with classes. I had to make up my mind. It was tough. Nigerian producers were giving me juicy offers and I was torn between accepting the offers or not. But, I had to focus on school and I was so happy to have graduated, I didn’t want to defer,” she said in a recent interview.

Source: www.ghgossip.com