GH mission in Zambia: Ex-accounting officer to refund GHc1m misappropriated cash

Auditor General

A former Accounting Officer at Ghana’s mission in Lusaka, Zambia, is to cough up an amount of GHc1, 191,481.08 which comprises an amount of over GHc720,000 belonging to the mission he allegedly misappropriated as well as GHc468,000 in surcharge.

According to the Auditor-General’s report, the Accounting Officer, Mr. Thomas A. Amoak as of December 2014, had misappropriated an amount of US$160,640.00 and €29,332.00, the cedi equivalent of GH¢723,425.06, contrary to Regulation 2 of Financial Administration Regulation, 2004 L.I.1802.

“In exercising his powers on disallowance and surcharge, the Auditor General disallowed the US$160,640.00 and €29,332.00 misappropriated. Mr. Amoak was also surcharged an amount of GH¢468,056.02 bringing the total amount to be refunded to GH¢1,191,481.08,” the Auditor-General stated in a special audit report on disallowance and surcharge as at November 30, 2018.

Ghana mission in Angola: Accounting Officer embezzled €64,655.00 and US$87,534.00

The audit report also revealed that Ghana lost an equivalent to GH¢531,616.75 allegedly embezzled by a former Accounting Officer of the country’s mission in  Luanda, Angola.

“We noted during the audit of the accounts of Ghana Mission in Luanda, Angola, for the period June 2012 to 31 December 2014 that Mr. King Pratt Ainooson, the Accounting Officer of the Mission, embezzled €64,655.00 and US$87,534.00, equivalent to GH¢531,616.75 contrary to Regulation 2 of Financial Administration Regulation, 2004, L.I. 1802.”

The audit report said Mr. Pratt admitted the offence and signed an undertaking on 9 December 2014 to refund the embezzled amount in monthly installments of €3,500.00. 13.

“The Auditor General disallowed GH¢531,616.75 being the principal amount embezzled and in addition he was surcharged GH¢343,956.04 bringing the total amount for refund to GH¢875,572.79,” the audit report added.


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