GES recruits 14,500 teachers

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has disclosed that it has recruited 14,500 new teachers for basic schools across the country.

Revealing it to the Daily Graphic in Accra, the Director-General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwaa, said teachers, from the 46 colleges of education, completed their studies in 2018 and did the one-year mandatory national service.

“On Thursday, November 21, 2019, we are releasing the list of 14,500 newly recruited teachers who have been posted. They are those who went to the colleges of education,” he emphasised.

In the past, he explained, the arrangement was that when a trainee completed a college of education and passed their examination, the person was absorbed straight into the GES.

“But last year, as part of the requirements for tertiary institutions, it became mandatory that when teacher trainees completed tertiary institutions, they needed to do a one-year service, so we got them to do the one-year service.

“As part of the requirements to license teachers, we also got them to do the licensure examination. Those who passed the school examination went on to do their national service. Those who have passed the licensure examination are those whose postings are coming out on Thursday,” he indicated.

Since 2017, Prof. Opoku-Amankwa said, the GES had recruited a total of 66,357 teachers.

Under the limited recruitment exercise during the 2017-2018 academic year, 19,640 were recruited, while 14,720 newly trained teachers from the colleges of education were recruited.

About 3,000 of the teachers came from private colleges of education.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, 8,872 teachers were recruited for the double-track senior high school (SHS) system, while the GES went for clearance for 1,445 non-teaching staff and recruited 14,500 teachers from the colleges of education.

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