Fujitsu to reduce office space by 50% in Japan, encourage remote working

Fujitsu said that in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, it will introduce a permanent new way of working for its employees, as part of its “Work Life Shift.” Under the plan, the company will reduce its office footprint in Japan to 50 percent of its current levels by the end of 2022, and help 80,000 of the company’s employees work mainly remotely. To help the process, the company will establish a “hot desk” system where employees are not assigned to a fixed desk and flexible hours of work will be expanded, starting from July.

The whole is part of Fujitsu’s goal of accelerating its shift to becoming a Digital Transformation (DX) company.

In general, the company wants to change its corporate culture, with more employee autonomy and trust and a better home/work balance. Fujitsu will also conduct wellness checks from July, to offer compassionate support for employee physical and mental wellbeing.

Fujitsu plans to set up a hub office in different areas of the country, with each office having a defined main function. The use of office space will be streamlined but there will be an expansion of satellite office space and infrastructure, including multisite video conference systems such as Microsoft Teams. More tools will be launched for real-time visualisation of office usage, including AI system for data analysis.