Crime: Churches must condemn evil and corruption – Former Secretary of Bible Society of Ghana

Immediate past Secretary of the Bible Society of Ghana has encouraged churches across the country to openly condemn wrongdoing and help eliminate corruption in the country.

With about 70% of Ghana’s population being Christian, Rev Dr Erasmus Odonkor believes the church has over the years adopted a timid approach towards addressing the canker.

He spoke on the sidelines of a valedictory service held for him at the Hope Congregation of the Sakumono Presbyterian Church.

“If the church has failed the church would have its ground by now. But I agree that there are elements within the church that are nor showing the right way. They are holding on to the Bible but there is a big question about whether indeed they are God’s children or not.

Rev Dr Odonkor is also of the view that church “needs to be a little bolder in speaking about wring and standing for the right…condemn evil, corruption and whatever is wrong in society”

The immediate past Secretary of the Bible Society of Ghana also says the church’s inability to speak against such vices has fueled its perpetuation.

The farewell service organised by the Bible Society Ghana was an official send off the man who describes himself as a non-conformist and reformist. He wants the church to do more of mentoring and nurturing of the youth.

“The country and church must recognise that in the youth lies not just our future but our present. If we can get leadership to guide young people, a lot will be achieved for our country, churches, and industry,” he said.

They have also held mentorship programs for young people across the country.