Chinese company produces dolls of famous Ghanaian funeral pallbearers

– JMG 1/64 Miniatures, a Chinese company has started producing dolls of Ghanaian viral pallbearers

– The company is selling the dolls in two different categories for GHC 235 and GHC 290

– It is not clear if any legal permission was obtained from the Ghanaian group by the Chinese company

A doll-making workshop that is based in Honk Kong, China, called JMG 1/64 Miniatures, has started producing figurines of the popular Ghanaian funeral pallbearers for sale on

In a Facebook post of the company, it is clearly indicated that many customers have been patronizing the product and the firm promises to release more interesting dolls in the future.

Reports indicate that the dolls of the famous Ghanaian group are being sold in two categories.

One of the categories goes for $40 and $50 which are approximately GHC 235 and GHC 290 respectively.

It is not clear whether the Chinese company obtained proper permission from the group before embarking on the production and sale of their replicas.

If no legal agreements were achieved, perhaps, the group of pallbearers officially known as Nana Otafrija Pall-Bearing Services may take on the Chinese group.

The Ghanaian group of young men become renowned around the globe for their skilful pallbearing dance moves as they were used in countless memes on social media,  reports.