Becca’s Husband ‘Accuses’Musician’s Mother Of Being A witch

This is obviously insane and the irony is this–Becca’s Nigerian husband-Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni alleged to have stopped Becca from seeing her mother since she gave birth because the mother is a witch.

A few months ago, Ghanaian musician Becca gave birth to a baby girl in Canada—her first child with her Nigerian husband.

A source close to Becca’s family has told that Becca’s real mother in the United Kingdom is deeply heartbroken because she has not been able to see, let alone touch her grandchild because Becca’s husband claims the mother is a witch—and Becca has bought into this hogwash.

It’s conventional of Africans that the mother of a woman who gives birth plays a pivotal role in the early days or weeks after the child is born—sometimes bathing the new grandchild and teaching the new mother how to take care of the baby.

However, we’ve been told that Becca’s mother has been robbed of this natural right and pride—allegedly because, Becca’s husband is sure that she is a witch and he does not want her near their child.

While a witch or a wizard is just a hocus pocus of the era before human enlightenment, millions of Africans still believe in the myth of flying and powerful human beings—and it is being alleged that Becca’s husband is one of these people.

You can imagine how hurt and perhaps disappointed Becca’s mother is if what’s being alleged is really what is going on.

The source added that, “Becca’s mother has only seen the child’s photo on the internet” like many of us.