Bawumia is a clown, he no longer has any credibility – NDC chairman

Galamsey, should have featured in the catalogue of promises, Bawumia delivered. 

Vice president Bawumia showcased his figment of imagination of the Akuffo Addo government’s success at a town hall encounter in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, on the 11th February 2020.

Reacting to the seventy seven page speech delivered by Dr Bawumia, Mr Ken Johnson, a branch chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, in the United Kingdom, has described, Dr Bawumia’s speech as burlesque, which was aimed at entertaining the audience and also divert unnecessary attention from the challenges facing the good people of Ghana.

Speaking to, Mr Johnson said, Dr Bawumia will be remembered for his boundless display of lies and inefficiencies in managing practical economics.

Bawumia has a reputation of giving headlines, but with little details.

“Ghanaians don’t eat GDP, so it’s about the bread and butter issues,” Mr Johnson stated.

Let us do a critical analysis and judge for yourself, if what, the vice president presented at the town hall was any true reflection of the expectation of the good people of Ghana? The NPP keep scoring themselves high, but they know it is a farce, Mr Johnson said.

They promised to end galamsey in their manifesto, but have they achieved that? What we now know is rather, since they came to power, they have been busy stealing gold and confiscating miners properties.

He questioned, whether the vice president was unaware, some over 500 seized excavators had gone missing in Ghana? The convenience of not including galamsey in his lecture is much disappointing. Galamsey, should have featured in the catalogue of promises, Bawumia delivered.

Bawumia also forgot about the plight of the miners who are jobless and those whose husbands and wives have been gruesomely murdered in the past three years, under Akuffo Addo’s watch.

Citing on those delivered manifesto promises, the NDC West Midlands branch chairman, said, the NPP led government have failed on almost all the numerous promises in their manifesto.

We know that, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), in the past had a scheme for some customers within certain areas in Accra and Tema to use their app services. This scheme was piloted to optimise ECG’s products. So, Bawumia is wrong to suggest that, this app service started under NPP’s administration.

Ghana’s debt stock is at all time high since records began, yet, there’s nothing to showcase. The economy is not doing too well, partly, because of the bad decisions of the current government in managing the so called banking crisis.

The collapse of the banks and revoking licences of some microfinance and some savings and loans firms have culminated in the high unemployment rate recorded in Ghana today.

Bawumia, again, failed to mention in his lecture that, the government’s drive on fiscal discipline has also failed, hence, the Cedi’s continuous struggle against other currencies.

The government has clearly shown lack of judgement in managing the so called banking crisis in Ghana. You will agree with me that, failure to protect jobs and businesses has contributed to the unease in the system, he said.

The kidnapped Takoradi girls and most recently the murdered nurse in the Ashanti Region, surmises the achievement of the Akuffo Addo government. Two words best describes, this government, – insecurity and corruption.

Mr Johnson said, the Akuffo Addo government is playing ostrich with people’s livelihood and their security. Ghanaians are asking, why are those indicted in the inter ministerial committee on galamsey have not been referred to the special prosecutor’s office? The answer is clear, Nana Addo knows his top party officers are hugely compromised and complicit.

Our mining towns are collapsing and in ramshackles, due to some bad behaviours and gluttonous desires of members of the Akufo-Addo’s government.

Ghanaians are hugely disappointed in the government’s handling of the galamstop operation. Some people must be arrested, he said.

Read Dr Bawumia’s full speech here.

Ashanti Region Town Hall By HE Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia on February 11 2020