50 Sex Bucket List Ideas to Try With a Partner—and Alone

How many of these can you check off right now?


A juicy, R-rated bucket list is basically part game, and part statement of intent–and it can spice up your sex life, no matter what your prior level of experience is. If you’re single, it’s a fun way to seek (safe!) hookup escapades. When you’re in the early “your body is a wonderland” stage and want some kinky things to try in a relationship, it provides inspiration for adventurous things to do in bed. And for married couples and those in a long-term relationship who’ve fallen into a dry spell—or simply want to add variety to switch things up—experiencing new things together is a way to reignite your once-crackling chemistry, according to experts.

Ultimately, you don’t need a reason to experiment in pursuit of reaching orgasm or discovering things you didn’t know you’d enjoy. When you’re in the company of someone you trust (yourself included), the possibilities are endless. Check out these 50 sexy bucket list ideas to get your own checklist started—and if you think we left something out, let us know in the comments below.

Your sex bucket list

  1. Try these tantric sex techniques.
  2. Have an “all for you” night, where it’s all about one partner’s sexual pleasure. (Don’t forget to take turns!)
  3. Get bend-y with some Kama Sutra sex positions.
  4. Have cybersex with a consenting partner, sending each other explicit messages until one or both of you has an orgasm.
  5. Have cybersex or video chat sex while using teledildonic toys, such as an app-controlled vibrator.
  6. See if you or your partner can have multiple orgasms during a leisurely lovemaking session.
  7. Read erotic stories to each other out loud. Here’s a few great ones, and a few sexy novels to sample too.
  8. Experiment with CBD intimacy products. While researchers are still collecting evidence on the medical cannabidiol (CBD), fans rave about CBD-infused products’ ability to ease pain and stress—and when we’re relaxed, we’re primed for pleasure, right? 
  9. Watch ethically-made porn that you’ve chosen together—or Netflix and chill with one of these racy movies like 365 Days.
  10. Put on a pair of vibrating panties, and give your partner the remote control.
  11. Dress up in costumes, so you and/or your partner can become someone else for the night. Craft your own sexy nurse costume at home, or browse Lovehoney.com’s selection.
  12. Experiment with BDSM. The world of kink and dominance has been somewhat misrepresented in popular culture (such as the Fifty Shades of Grey series), but feel free to consensually tie one another up to get the ball rolling. For a better understanding of true BDSM’s dynamics, check out a book like Morgan Thorne’s Exploring BDSM: A Workbook for Couples (or More!) Discovering Kink.
  13. Have sex with people in the next room, trying not to be overheard.
  14. Get busy in the backseat of a car (to recapture that teenage “out past curfew” feeling).
  15. Make it a “foreplay only” evening, having fun without penetrative sex.
  16. Role play during a sexual encounter—here’s a few role-playing ideas and more sex games for couples.
  17. Hook up without using your hands at all. Instead, use your mouth, feet, and every other body part you feel like.
  18. Have sex while blindfolded.
  19. Take sexy pictures of (or with) each other. If you’re paranoid about future blackmail material, who says your face needs to be in the photos?
  20. Have sex without saying a word. (Moans are okay, though).
  21. Turn up the volume, and try to have the most verbal sexual experience as you can.
  22. Surprise your partner with a midday quickie.
  23. Have a threesome.
  24. Masturbate while staring into each other’s eyes.
  25. Place red light bulbs in your room’s fixtures to see each other (naked) in a new light.
  26. Experiment with anal play toyssuch as beads or a plug. And use a VERY generous amount of the best lube you’ve got on hand.
  27. Have phone sex.
  28. Try the “69” sex position with your partner.
  29. Ask each other this list of dirty questions.
  30. Give each other a sensual personal massage that turns into a sex session.
  31. Try a massage candle, made of wax meant to be rubbed all over each other.
  32. Have sex in the shower (pro tip: a shower curtain isn’t meant to stabilize body weight).
  33. Have sex standing up. In the shower, for example!
  34. Have sex in a bathtub—and yes, using waterproof sex toys solo counts as sex!
  35. Go skinny-dipping with a partner. Pool, ocean, lake, it’s your call.
  36. Dance naked to sexy songs with your partner.
  37. Perform a sexy striptease for your partner.
  38. Try the orgasm control method known as “edging,” otherwise known as “peaking” or “surfing.” Fans say the build-up pays off in huge orgasmic release. 
  39. Talk dirty to each other.
  40. Use arousal gel to add a cooling, warming, or pleasantly tingling sensation to your genitals or nipples.
  41. Achieve simultaneous orgasm with your partner.
  42. Try rimming, or orally stimulating the anus.
  43. Suck on each other’s toes as part of foreplay.
  44. See if you can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation.
  45. Have sex while a cock ring is worn on a penis or toy, such as Lelo’s vibrating Tor 2.
  46. Act out a sexual fantasyFor maximum enjoyment, talk about the fantasy and the parameters of what you’ll act out ahead of time (not every fantasy needs to become reality, after all).
  47. Send nudes (and ask for some). If your selfie angle skills are wanting, consider booking a “boudoir photographer” to capture you in an a professional-level artful nude.
  48. Take a sex class together. You don’t even need to leave the house—toy companies such as Self Serve offer classes on everything like how to talk dirty over text to the “blow job basics.”
  49. Have sex in every room in your home.
  50. Have sex in a fancy hotel. Bonus: Since most deluxe rooms include a great bathroom, you could make it a twofer and check “bathtub sex” off, too.

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