10 Things every woman wants her husband to do without asking

We, human beings, like to take things for granted.

When it comes to relationships, based on our previous experience (or lack of such) we tend to miss some important red flags or simply forget about things that are actually dear to our other half’s heart.

Women are emotional creatures, so it’s only natural that things that are most important to them are often not from the material realm, but rather deal with some spiritual values and general showcases of affection that don’t necessarily include actual presents. For instance, women like to talk about feelings.

Even if you’re not a fan of doing that, it’s still necessary to speak out what’s on your mind from time to time – it’s kind of expected of you. Here’s a list of 10 things women would like men to do without being told.

Take her on dates
Whether you’ve just met or have already lived together for some time, it’s always important to keep your relationships fresh. Some women love surprises, others not so much, but everyone equally likes dates, especially when the man spend some time planning one. It doesn’t have to be a romantic getaway (although, those work just as well), but the more places you visit with your loved one, the stronger your relationships will be. Keep that spark alive as long and possible!

Give her compliments
Compliments not only make women feel better, they also boost their confidence and, eventually, make them look better than before. You can check this out yourself – when you talk about how gorgeous she looks without makeup and how you just love to spend hours with her talking, she will light up and look delighted for the rest of the day. You don’t have to be blunt about compliments, you can say nice things about anything that she does – starting with her gorgeous smile and ending with a cup of coffee she made for you or an art piece she created.

Give her space
Just like men need their time alone, so do women. Personal space is something that shouldn’t even be discussed, it’s a natural thing to do – let your loved one have her own hobbies, pursue her career, and let her have special ‘me days’ when she spends time with herself alone. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend all the time together (although, you absolutely can if you both want to), you can spend time with your friends and she will want to spend some time with her friends as well. Those are natural things and you have to remember about those subtleties.

Do some shopping
Men are notoriously helpless when it comes to shopping that doesn’t deal with hardware, cars, or gadgets. Which makes it even more exciting for your wife or girlfriend if you stop by a shop or a market on your way back home and buy something – anything will do! Groceries, home necessities, fruits, a dessert for dinner, some nail polish for her or lingerie you thing would look stunning on her – your woman will be pleased with the effort and the time you spent doing those things. And who knows, maybe you’ll find out you actually have a knack for shopping!

Talk about your feelings
It’s easier for women to talk about their feelings than it is for men. Guys are more about doing things rather than talking about them, but it’s still important to talk about what’s on your mind because it’s not always that obvious and women kind of expect you to do that. It’s not only about saying the good stuff and the iloveyou’s, you should also speak out when you’re irritated with something or hurt by what she said or did. Either way, communication is the key to healthy relationships, so you shouldn’t omit that part.

Remember her birthday
And other important dates as well! But her birthday should be on the top of your list because for the majority of people it’s one of the most important days of the year. If you’re bad with dates – use a reminder or a simple calendar. It doesn’t really matter what you do, buy a simple present or throw a huge party for her, your attention is a good enough present in itself. This concerns other important dates as well, like your one-year anniversary or the day you met together. Showing those signs of affection is really important!

Remember her friends’ and families’ names
Just as your friends are important to you, so are her friends. When you get to know your girlfriend a little better, you will naturally get acquainted with the people close to her. But even if you don’t know them personally, it’s always good to remember the names of people that surround her, whether they are co-workers or friends, siblings, and parents. Of course, this goes both ways, so expect her to be interested in your surroundings, too!

Say ‘I love you’
Despite being somehow overused by mass media, those three simple words are still among the most important things a man can say to a woman. Even if you believe she already knows how you feel, it’s still important to say those words out loud. There’s a huge difference between ‘knowing’ that you love her and actually hearing you say those words. Women adore hearing men declare their feelings, it just makes them feel loved, secure, and overall good about themselves and your relationships.

Source:herbeauty.com/Precious Akuinor