GH¢3.6m TV License Money collected missing?

The 2018 Auditor-General’s report has indicted the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) for failing to remit over GH¢3.6 million of TV License collected from 1993 to 2017 into the consolidated fund.

“Contrary to Regulation 15(1) and (3) of the Financial Administration Regulation 2004, the Corporation did not remit TV License fees collected from 1993 to 2017 totaling GH¢3,637,754.20 into the Consolidated Fund. We recommended to management to pay the GH¢3,637,754.20 into the Consolidated Fund.”

According to the report, GBC also under-stated revenue realized for the 2014 world cup by GH¢3,464,878.59. Management of the corporation has since been asked to “update the financial Statements and properly account for the GH¢3,464,878.59, failure of which officers of GBC who were responsible shall be surcharged with the amount.”

“Our review of the contract agreement signed between the Ghana Television Consortium and Optimum Media Prime Limited showed that two major financial clauses were amended without approval by the Consortium. We recommended to management to furnish the source of authority for varying portions of the agreement.

“We also requested management to avail documentation in support of outstanding VAT remittances sent to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and advised management to ensure that future agreements are not unilaterally varied by either party.”