‘We’re fed up’ with ‘baby’ Domelevo – Audit Service Board Chair

The Chairman of the Audit Service Board Dr Edward Duah Agyemang says the board is fed up with the decision of the Auditor General to rush to the media with developments at his office.

It comes in the wake of reports that the Audit Service Board ordered the locks to his office to be changed.

Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Wednesday, Dr. Duah-Agyemang said the keys to Mr. Domelevo’s office were changed because they were not sure who else had the old one.

“What’s this with Mr. Domelevo always running to the media. Is he a baby? We are fed up with Domelevo always going to the media. He can go wherever he wants to. When Mr. Domelevo left on the 1st of July, the board felt there was the need to secure his office so the locks were changed and the keys were left where they belong,” he said.

Meanwhile, anti-Corruption campaigner Vitus Azeem says the decision by the Audit Service Board to change the locks to the office of the Auditor-General is unfortunate.

“It’s a bad perception. Coming from a president who said he was going to fight corruption and was tagged incorruptible by his people but unfortunately, personal interest supersedes national interest. But the way and manner Mr. Domelevo was asked to proceed on leave showed they want him out of the way and they are having a field day. For them to change locks to Mr. Domelevo’s office is very unfortunate. I don’t think it’s the best approach and it’s a dent on the image of the A-G’s office,” he said.

Some Ghanaians abroad petitioned the Presidency to bring back the Auditor General saying the decision to ask him to go on leave was an affront to Ghana’s democracy.

But responding to the petition, the Presidency said the various arguments being raised in the petition were first considered by the President before the directive was issued.