PLO Lumumba accused of plagiarism, intellectual theft

Former anti-graft agency boss PLO Lumumba has been sued over alleged plagiarism and intellectual theft.

Wachira Maina accused Lumumba of plagiarising an article he wrote, which was published in the East African newspaper.

The article by Lumumba was published in the Law Society of Kenya Journal.

Maina says Lumumba wrote a 10,000-word essay titled ‘From Jurisprudence to Poliprudence: the Kenyan Presidential Election Petition 2013’, with nearly 5,000 words lifted from an article he wrote, published on April 20, last year.

He says Lumumba has behaved unethically.

Maina criticised LSK for failing to sufficiently check before publishing the article. Maina wants compensation for intellectual theft.

He also seeks to have the plagiarised part deleted from Lumumba’s article.

Maina wants Lumumba’s conduct declared to have undermined values and principles of public service as set in the Constitution, hence bar him from holding public office.

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