Nigeria: Ghanaians attacked in Edo State over woman’s death

Several Ghanaians living in Auchi, a community in Edo state, Nigeria, have reportedly fled their homes over attacks on them by some Nigerians.

This follows the death of a Nigerian woman which was been attributed to her Ghanaian husband.

Rev. Mawutor Bonuade, the Head Pastor of the Thorns of Word and Power Ministries and a Ghanaian living in Nigeria told Starr News that the suspect was arrested by the police, but was eventually released as there was no concrete evidence against him.

He added that the decision to free the Ghanaian who had reportedly threatened his Nigerian wife on several occasions enraged the youth in the area who they started attacking any Ghanaian they came across.

“Eventually they had to let the man go because they didn’t have much evidence to back up their claims which unfortunately enraged the youth of the area because they felt like he had killed a Nigerian citizen and nothing was done about it. So they literally stated lynching the Ghanaians that are in the community,” Rev. Bonuade said.

According to him, all efforts to get an intervention from the Ghanaian embassy had proved futile.


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