Menzgold closed for business over attacks on staff

Gold trading firm, Menzgold has announced that it has closed its offices today because of intelligence that staff of the company were likely to be attacked by aggrieved customers.

According to the Deputy Head of Communications of Menzgold, Nii Armah Amarteifio the firm had promised to make ‘extra value’ payments to their customers today per a revised schedule of payment but were forced to depart from the arrangement after receiving reports that most of their staff were being attacked by customers.

According to him, Menzgold was currently engaging with various stakeholders including the Police, Parliament, the military and the leadership of some of their customers to decide on a date to resume payments.

“The point is that, we planned paying our customers today,” Mr Amarteifio explained in an interview on Joy FM.

“But, yesterday in the evening, we were in a meeting when we start (sic) having information from the various branches that most of our staff members have been attacked by customers and based on that we now decided that if we have to do business or operate today the plan that most customers have had to attack us will not be favourable that is why we decide to shut down today and not operate.”

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