Malians demands President Keita’s resignation in mass protest

French troops wanted out of Mali

Mass protests in Mali demanding President Keita’s resignation over failure to combat insecurity.

They want French troops out of Mali.

Opposition leaders have been arrested.

President dissolves constitutional court, which overturned 30 legislative seats in favour of his party.Ghana is almost there because our situation is far worse than these countries that have taken to the streets, a Ghanaian resident in Mali said.

The Ghanaian diaspora community in recent times have shown their unhappiness with the way, the Akuffo Addo administration has treated them. Most are unhappy with the decision of to charge them to self quarantine in expensive hotels during this pandemic.

Those in the neighbouring countries like Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, are disappointed in the governments decision to prevent them to return home to get registered in this ongoing voter registration exercises.

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