Let’s support Rawlings’ crusade on Cleanliness – Tema Mantse


The industrial city King, Dr. Nii Adjei Kraku II, has advised Ghanaians to support, former President Jerry John Rawlings, Sanitation Ambassador on his crusade to keep the environment clean.

“Throughout the year, we the citizens were on the neck of the government to tackle heaps of rubbish that were on our streets and the government has responded favourably.

“I think that it will be very good for the citizens also play their part by ensuring that the heaps that government has succeeded in carting away from our streets do not return to the same streets before the year ends, and then we can think of building on that from there on” Nii Tema said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview after a clean-up exercise that he organised in Tema Newtown, he urged Ghanaians to close 2018 in neatness and enter 2019 with Mr. Rawlings’ unique fighting spirit against filth.

According to him, Ghanaians should endeavour to justify the several demonstrations that were made to force government to clean the streets by making sure that complainants of the filth were also the agents of the same cleanliness.

He said he had already begun contributing his quota to national cleanliness by organising the clean-up exercise at Tema New Town, that was highly patronised with the youth of Tema, joining elders to clean up Tema New Town.

Nii Tema also used the opportunity to urge Christians to celebrate yuletide in cleanliness.

“Most of the time, it is during the yuletide that we create a lot of filth. I will urge celebrants that during this season, they should not litter. Rather they should celebrate it like Jesus himself would want it celebrated” Nii Tema said.

 He also used the occasion to commend the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Felix Mensah Nii Annang-La for his good works.

Patrons of the clean-up exercise included; Nii Amarh Somponu, the stool secretary of the Tema Traditional area, who praised the massive turnout for the exercise saying it was encouraging.

“I am very happy about the turnout, it tells you the indigenes and settlers alike are agreeable to Nii’s decision to get the harbour city cleaned up,” Nii Amarh Somponu, who is popularly known as Nii Shippi said.

He was especially glad that the number of youthful people who participated in the exercise was high. “I will use this platform to encourage the youth in the country to follow this trend of respecting the initiatives of our leaders.

“Like our elders say, what an elderly person can see when he is sitting down, a young man cannot see even when he is hanging on a pole. So let’s respect our elders,” Nii Shippi said.


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