Lake Bosomtwe: This Mysterious Lake Is Over 1 Million Years Old

Head out and discover the only lake in Ghana. More than 1 million years old, it is a sacred source and was originally formed by meteorites.

Nature is sometimes full of surprises and marvels that you can behold. Today we’re going to talk about Bosumtwi, an incredibly old lake in Ghana. You’ll see, it’s going to surprise you probably as much as this village where man and crocodile live in perfect harmony!

The product of a rare natural phenomenon:

Located 30 kilometres south of Kumasi, one of the major towns in Ghana, Lake Bosumtwi, which means ‘Antelope god’, is a very popular location for tourists and locals. Completely natural, this lake was initially created in a crater formed where meteorites hit.

A very old lake:

With a diameter of 10.5km, a surface area of 49 km2 and full of water, it is estimated that this lake is more than 1 million years old. This makes it a lot older than civilization and strongly respected by locals who view it as a source of incomparable faith… especially since it is the only lake in Ghana. In reality, it is quite impressive.

A necessary resource for the region:

Known as a ‘biosphere reserve’ by UNESCO, this lake is often used for fishing by locals and canoe trips. However, you are not allowed to sail on the lake in boats made from iron, and those with a motor in order to preserve the area. So better to protect it now while there’s still time left!

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