Kennedy Agyapong twisting facts to denigrate Duffuor – ASEPA

The  Executive Director for the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) Mensah Thompson has challenged claims by Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyepong that Dr Kwabena Duffuor acquired personal properties with the funds of Unibank customers.

According to him, some of the properties being mentioned by the lawmaker were acquired by the business magnate long before unibank was established.

“Unibank was under administration and the purpose of administration according to Act 930 is to find viable means of reviving and sustaining the bank. So whatever challenges Unibank was going through that was why they were put under administration to resolve the problems and keep Unibank afloat.

“As part of Unibank’s commitment to the administration process of reviving the bank, it listed a number of properties it was willing to liquidate to inject into the bank. Yes you heard right, Dr. Duffuor was willing to sell off his own properties and others belonging to his companies to inject the money into Unibank so that no customer would lose their investment,” ASEPA said in a statement.

It added: The letter Ken Agyapong showed on his TV is proof of that arrangement, but that letter does NOT in any way show how those properties were acquired and neither is it proof that depositors money was used to acquire those properties,(infact most of those properties are even older than Unibank)

“HODA holdings has a number of Assets just like any holdings company, and so if the shareholders were willing and ready to liquidate some of their Assets to inject into Unibank to keep it afloat, why were they NOT given the chance to do so but rather cruelly collapsing the bank and still Government cannot even pay the depositors monies to them.
So who cares more about the customers; the shareholders who were willing to sell their hard earned properties to save Unibank and it’s depositors investment or a Government that rejected that arrangement, collapsed the bank and still cannot pay the depositors???”.