‘I will superintend over strong NDC’

A general secretary aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Koku Anyidoho, has said that if elected he will superintend over a strong NDC and champion a party first agenda that will ensure the supremacy of the NDC at all times.

He stated that the party was supreme and must be protected at all times, saying that the party was bigger than any single individual in the NDC and that it was important that the integrity and sanctity of the party was protected.

He noted that the agenda would mean giving power back to party structures and respecting them to function and operate effectively and independently to brighten the chances of the party in the 2020 general election.

Central Regional Tour

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Winneba as part of his tour of the Central Region yesterday, he noted that “as General Secretary, I will allow the party structures from the branch to the constituency, regional and national levels to work” and that nobody would be allowed to operate outside the structures of the party.

Mr Anyidoho who would be contesting against the incumbent General Secretary of the NDC, Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketsiah, is on a four-day tour of the Central Region to meet delegates in all the 23 constituencies to campaign for his bid to be elected the chief scribe of the party.

No more splinter groups

He stated that one of the ways of ensuring that the party’s structures worked as required was that the party would no longer entertain splinter groups within the NDC during its campaign and that if anyone wanted to campaign for the party they must go to their branch to join them to prosecute an effective campaign.

“Splinter groups will no longer be tolerated within the party under my leadership,” he said, stressing that “the party has structures and organs and whoever wants to work for it must be part of such structures.”

He indicated that “NDC has the youth and women’s wings, zongo caucus as well as its foreign branches as its organs and that these are the only recognised organs that would be allowed to function and prosecute a vigorous campaign for the party.”

He stated that henceforth the party would operate within its organs and structures and that never again, especially in an election year, would the party allow and tolerate splinter groups to come up with all kinds of names and create so much disharmony and disaffection within the system.

He added that anyone who claimed to be a true member of the NDC must go and belong to a branch and for that matter belong to a constituency and region and make meaningful contributions to the growth of the party instead of forming groups to create disunity in the party.

Party leadership

He stated that the party, whether in government or opposition, must be led by its national chairman to make the party stronger and supreme at all times and that leadership must always reside with the Chairman, stressing that “this is one of the ways of making the party supreme and strong.”

He, therefore, called for an amendment of the party’s constitution that made the President the leader of the party when in power.

He mentioned that the branches were the most important basic units of the party and that moving forward all individuals must identify themselves with the party by belonging to branches in order to be regarded as members of the party.

2020 campaign  

Touching on the chances of the NDC in winning the 2020 elections, he stated that the chances of the party were extremely bright and that the party needed to be strong, disciplined and have working structures to be able to execute the 2020 campaign with military precision.

Credit: Daily Graphic

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