I Resigned Because Of Internal Politics – Kwabena Donkor

Former Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor, has revealed his 2015 controversial resignation from office as the then sector minister was not as a result of his purported inability to end the power crisis (dumsor) the country faced at the time.

The Member of Parliament for the Pru East Constituency in the Brong Ahafo region on assuming office as the then power minister promised to resign his post if he could not solve the power problem by the end of 2015.

“At least the end of the year is December, so you can hold me to that…Yes I will resign”, Mr. Donkor had replied to a query whether Ghanaians would be justified in calling for his head if the power problem persisted by close of 2015.

On December 31 however, Mr. Donkor tendered in a resignation letter which was widely reported in the media as a fulfillment of the vow he made to resign if he could not solve the power crisis.

But Mr. Donkor, Monday, November 27, opened up to Winston Amoah on the 3FM’s Morning Show, Sunrise, dismissing the reports that he resigned over the controversial “dumsor” promise.

Unwilling to disclose the details, he said “I resigned for internal political reasons, which I am not prepared to say here”.

As to whether he was forced out of the office, the Pru East MP said, “I wasn’t, I signed my resignation letter, I wrote my resignation letter”, maintaining that he gave up his post willingly.

He said there are records to show that he had fixed the power problem and that the then President, John Dramani Mahama even applauded him and his team during the 2016 State of the Nation address for their work.

Mr. Donkor maintained that reports by the Load Management Committee that load shedding was not over after he had left office was not factual.

According to him, load shedding officially came to an end on December 16, 2015 and that if there were any reports to the contrary then the government of the day only wanted to play safe by not being too assuring.

Commenting on recent developments in the energy sector where many Ghanaians have complained about the resurfacing of “dumsor”, the former power minister insists he fixed it in 2015.

Asked why “dumsor” is back if it was fixed, Mr. Donkor answered proverbially, “If you fell ill and went to the hospital and you were cured, does that guarantee that you will not fall ill again?”


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