Ghana makes tax stamp compulsory on imported textiles

To curb illegal imports, Ghanaian authorities will put a tax stamp on textiles entering the country  beginning June 1, 2018. And from September 1, after a 3-month grace period, traders will not be able to sell textiles that do not have tax stamp, minister of trade and industry Alan Kyerematen announced after a meeting with representatives of local industry.

The step would ensure that all imported textiles are regulated, and it may also force foreign companies to shift their production base to Ghana, Kyerematen told mediapersons after a meeting with representatives from Textile Manufacturing Companies and Industrial Commercial Workers Union of Ghana.

The shifting of manufacturing to where demand is, would also mean more revenue and employment for Ghana, the minister added.

The minister, however, made it clear that the government does not intend to put a complete ban on textile imports; it only wants to manage/restrict imports so that domestic manufacturers are not pushed out of the business.

The tax stamp, that would be put on every piece of fabric entering the country, would be issued by the ministry of finance.  The government constituted anti-piracy task force would have power to seize textiles that do not have tax stamps. (RKS)



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