Ghana Faces A Grim Socio-Economic Future – Naana Opoku-Agyemang

Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, Vice Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)says as a nation, “it is a fact that our socio-economic conditions are fast deteriorating under the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

“The country faces a grim socio-economic future. The economy is fast collapsing, nepotism and state capture have characterized our political economy by the NPP’s action and inaction, we are experiencing high levels of insecurity, and safety is not even guaranteed or assured anymore”.

Prof Opoku Agyemang whose sentiments were captured in the NDC Election 2020 “People’s Manifesto: Jobs and Prosperity for All,” explained that the NPP’s adherence to the rule of law is only a mirage.

She said: “Our once highly valued educational system has been politicized and devalued. This is the reason why I am happy to join hands with our Presidential Candidate, Mr John Dramani Mahama, to rescue this country on December 7, 2020”.

She asserted that the gender balance in NDC leadership provided hope for resounding victory.
The NDC Gender balance as the first female Vice Presidential Candidate of a major political party in the country signifies inclusive and participatory democracy, which prioritises the needs of all.

“The head porters (Kayayei), Okada riders, market women, traders, farmers, seamstresses, tailors, hair dressers, beauticians, carpenters, masons, steel binders, car mechanics, fishermen, teachers, nurses, security persons, persons with disability and all others, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, profession or geographical location.

“To maximise the benefits of this gender balance for the national rescue mission embarked upon by the NDC, I call for the full participation of every electorate to massively vote for Mr Mahama and the NDC Parliamentary Candidates. I urge you to be part of the victory process,” she said.

Prof Opoku Agyemang noted that “having worked closely with Former President John Dramani Mahama as former Minister of Education, I know he is a man of vision, a leader we can trust, and a public servant of integrity.

“He is a courageous leader who makes the right decisions in the national interest at all times. I pledge to apply myself diligently and to dedicate all my energies and intellect to ensure a resounding victory for the NDC and for our country, Ghana. With God on our side, victory is assured”.

She said Former President Mahama has opened a new chapter in NDC’s leadership and the country’s political architecture by endorsing the first female Vice-Presidential Candidate; a manifestation of the NDC’s belief in gender justice and inclusion.

Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, NDC National Chairman also explained that it is a social democratic party, the NDC believes in an egalitarian society in which there is equal opportunity for all Ghanaians.

He said equal opportunity refers to the right to adequate and affordable health care, decent jobs, quality education irrespective of gender or creed, liberty to practice one’s religion and to engage in religious activities, and the freedom to pursue one’s economic interests.

He said the Party, therefore, seeks to empower the powerless, free the oppressed, liberate the poor, assimilate the marginalised and extend equal dignity to the vulnerable members of the Ghanaian populace.

Mr Ofosu Ampofo said since 1992, the NDC has sought to achieve the objectives through the various administrations which the Ghanaian electorate gave the Party the opportunity to lead.

“We have endeavoured to significantly improve the living standards of Ghanaians in all sectors of our lives and provide opportunities for enhancing education, health and business.

“In the education sector, the immediate past NDC administration provided infrastructure for the expansion of Senior High Schools in all corners of the country.

“In health, we provided unprecedented health infrastructure that served the country well in combatting the COVID-19 outbreak,” Mr Ofosu Ampofu stated.

He said the huge number of road projects, undertaken in the immediate past NDC Administration, and the extensive provisions laid out for the future, have enhanced economic activities that will lead to improved accessibility to all parts of the country.

He said in the energy sector, the NDC carried out infrastructural development that effectively ended ‘dumsor’. “Today, if Ghanaians enjoy continuous electricity in their homes and businesses, it is due to the prudent extensive infrastructural investments undertaken by the last NDC Administration led by President John Dramani Mahama in the energy sector”.

He said: “The NDC has positively impacted the lives of the people of Ghana in every aspect of our lives”.

He said the NDC Election 2020 Manifesto carries many of the ideas and included many new projects and programmes which will make the lives of all Ghanaians better.

“From health to education, to agriculture to tourism, everyone will find new policies that will impact positively on their lives. We do recognise the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the lives of all our people,” he said.

Mr Ofosu Ampofo alleged that currently educational system was disturbed, “our health facilities have been tested to their limits, peoples’ businesses have been adversely affected and so have the incomes of many of our people- particularly those in the private and informal sectors”.

He said the NDC Election 2020 Manifesto laid out extensive plans for taking the country forward to a better position, not only to restore what Ghanaians lost, but to raise the living standards of every Ghanaian.

“This People’s Manifesto has been prepared with the ordinary man and woman on the street in mind. It is a social contract the NDC is presenting to the people of this country; give us your mandate and hold us to strict account of the things you find in here.

“Vote for John Dramani Mahama for President and let us, together, move Ghana forward,” Mr Ofosu Ampofo stated.

Source: GNA