Dishonest NPP executives have dumped me – Minister laments

Aviation Minister and Member Parliament(MP) for Navrongo Central Joseph Kofi Adda has revealed that because of his received refusal to channel resources through party executives in his constituency, he has been abandoned by some of them who had expected to benefit dishonesty from the resource.

The MP said that in times past such dishonest party executives had benefited unduly from constituency funds and were looking forward to appropriating the funds for their own use. So his refusal to pass the resources through them angered them and he had to execute his campaign without them.

Speaking to Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio in an interview monitored by, Mr Adda expressed his readiness to contest the seat again, adding that he is poised to work within the dishonest party executives who divert resources for their own use.

“I’m prepared to come and transform my constituency, a lot more needs to be done. It does not matter what you call yourself whether an MP or Minister, what matters is how you can deliver to the people…”

“The last primary election in Navrongo constituency, executives did not support me but I won.

Today, the executives, most of them are not with me because they want resources that are supposed to develop the constituency to pass through their pockets. The mistake I made in time past, will not repeat itself,” he disclosed shockingly

The former Energy Minister said that he gives resources meant for polling stations directly to them rather than through constituency executive some of whom ’embezzle the resources.

“I have prepared all the nearly 600 polling station executives who are there, who are pushing what comes to them, directly and honestly. If they are happy and excited of what is due them and want me to come they will prepare the grounds for my winning,” he asserted.