Compilation of new voters’ register could mar 2020 election – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has indicated that mistrust among political parties on the decision by the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to compile a new voters’ register could put the country on the brink of chaos if not resolved.

Interacting with members of the Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Register recently, the former President stressed that the upcoming general elections later this year is a very challenging one and disagreements on the compilation of the new register could exacerbate the already tense atmosphere.

“There is so much mistrust that if we do not find a way of dealing with some of these issues, they will remain and sour the atmosphere during the election period. It will keep us very close to an ignition point which will be very unnecessary. This coming election is going to be a truly serious thing and nobody must take the process for granted or think they can get away with making the wrong moves,” he advised.

He added that whatever steps are taken with respect to the register must be done with transparency so that there are no doubts in the minds of stakeholders.

“The steps being taken must be transparent so no one has any doubts about the integrity of the process. Whoever wants to win will necessarily have to win by free and fair means,” he indicated.

Meanwhile a meeting with the political parties and other stakeholders to deal with the disagreements ended inconclusively..