Bulldog condemned for being misogynistic

Showbiz personality Lawrence Nana Asiamah-Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, has been branded misogynist for comments he made on air during a show with MzGee.

Bulldog’s comments surprised listeners which resorted with a disbelieving reactions from the public. He was roasted with a barrage of insults for declaring that women are not equal to men and must be consigned to the kitchen and the bedroom.

Perceived as brash and blunt, Bulldog made the shocking declaration on a Showbiz Programme hosted by MzGee, stressing that women should not be part of discussion on important matters because they destroy stuff and mess up everything.

“If God wanted that [equality for both men and women] he would have created us on the same day… Women destroy stuff, they mess up everything…women are just for, they should be for the kitchen and the bedroom.” He said earlier on the show monitored by MyNewsGh.com

Reminded that he was making very grievous comments, Bulldog insisted that he knew the gravity of what he was saying and had put his head on the chopping board, adding that his wife could leave him if she was offended.

“I am saying this!  They should come and cut my head.  Or my wife can leave me if she wants to. Women are meant for the kitchen and the bedroom,” he maintained.

But reactions to his comments have largely been insulting to his person with a few agreeing with him.