Ahmed’s death: ‘Anas is a suspect, arrest him’– Kennedy Agyapong

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, wants investigative journalist,  Anas Aremeyaw Anas arrested over the murder of a member of his Tiger Eye PI team.

Mr. Agyapong, who said he’s willing to make himself available to the police if invited, believes Anas’ sudden announcement of the death of his investigator, Ahmed Hussein-Suale ahead of any investigations by the police, and the link to him, was premature and smacks of suspicion.

Ahmed was allegedly shot dead by gunmen in Madina on Wednesday night by two gunmen on a motorbike who shot into the car he was driving.

Moments after, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, in a video on his Facebook page, presented the announcement of his colleague’s death within the context of Mr. Agyapong urging residents of Madina to go after Ahmed some six months ago.

Anas said Ahmed was hit three times; twice in the chest, and once in the neck following which he died on the spot.

However, speaking on Asempa FM’s political show Ekosii Sen,  Mr. Agyapong said Anas and his lawyer must not be left off the hook over this crime.

“He has interfered and distracted the police and the security agencies from doing their job with how he announced the death. The video he made and posted on social media was a way of diverting the attention of the substance of the matter. How can he (Anas) produce a video to announce the death within that short period after the shooting? No chance was allowed for investigations from the appropriate authorities. ”

“Anas is a prime suspect. He knows everything about the death and must be arrested. Anas’ lawyer is also a suspect. How can a matter of this magnitude occur and you don’t give the security agencies the opportunity to investigate? All you do is to call for my arrest. Anas and his lawyer must rather be arrested not me, he stressed.”

Fallout claims

The controversial legislator also alleged that there was a misunderstanding between the ace investigative journalist and the deceased that undoubtedly led to the gruesome killing of the latter.

“It is clear that Ahmed had fallen out from Anas, hence the murder. There is even a text message to that effect. He has even told another member who appears to have fallen out from the team that he would be killed in the same manner as Ahmed” the MP alleged.

I didn’t kill Ahmed; he’s irrelevant to my life’ – Kennedy Agyapong

Mr. Agyapong has distanced himself from the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, saying he cannot fathom why he would engineer the killing of a person who is irrelevant in his life.

Speaking hours after the murder, Mr. Agyapong said he is well placed and will gain nothing should he take away the life of the investigator.

“The guy has not offended me in any way. When I was premiering ‘Who watches the watchman’, somebody told me I knew the guy because I had once given him money for his school fees, so, I told my staff not to allow him into my building again because he is a bad boy and that If he comes around, they should beat him up because he will come and secretly set cameras in the building.”

“This is what I said. This boy is not relevant to my life. This boy is irrelevant to my life. Why would I be stupid and order people to kill him looking at how far God has brought me? He has not offended me in anyway. They should look for those who may be behind this heinous act. This is just cheap propaganda.”

Police questioning

Responding to concerns that he needs to be invited by the police on circumstances that might have led to the killing of the Tiger Eye member, the legislator expressed his preparedness to meet with the police because he has caused no harm.

“I hear people want the police to question me. Why should the police invite and question me? I am not afraid of anyone. The police should come; I will replay the video to them.  I don’t have time for Ahmed at all. They are just dodging the issue.”

“I don’t plot evil because the evil that men do lives after them. Anas and his team know the wicked things they have done and the enemies they have created for themselves and I am certainly not one.

Citi News sources say Ahmed was the lead investigator of the Tiger Eye PI team in the Number 12 exposure on corruption in Ghana football who arranged the meeting with former GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi in Ghana and abroad.

“He was just shot and killed; nothing was taken from him”, another member of the Anas’ team told Graphic Online.

The police has said it has taken investigations into the matter.

Kennedy Agyapong vs Anas

In a war of words with the investigative journalist in July 2018, Mr. Agyapong went on a show on the TV station he owns, the Madina-based Net 2 TV, and urged residents to beat up Ahmed whenever they saw him.

A photo of Ahmed was also revealed on the show.

Mr. Agyapong has been criticized for inciting violence against Anas and his team.

The MP accused the investigator of being corrupt and evil in the wake of his probe into Ghana football.

He also said Anas deserved to be hanged for his purported corrupt deeds.

Reporters Without Borders came out to say it was alarmed by threats to the life of Anas.

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) at the time also called for 24-hour protection for Anas.

Source:| citinewsroom.com

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