Video: Gov’t targets media houses in Ghana

The Enquirer newspaper razed down by government.

The government’s  agenda to silence all perceived media houses who are seen to be fair and independent continues unabated.

Late Sunday evening, on the 16th February, 2020, some security personnel from the National Security and the Police Task Force were ordered to destroy the offices of the Enquirer Newspaper.

Eye witnesses say they were surprised the decision to raze down the printing and media house had to be done late on Sunday night?

Raymond Archer – Editor of the Enquirer Newspaper

The Enquirer newspaper is owned by an award winning journalist Raymond Archer.

When asked, the National Security officers and the police on site claimed they had orders from above to put down the building.

One witness said, “the gloves are fully off now and may God help us all”.

The government has a reputation of being intolerant and machismo towards all media houses identified to be favouring the opposition party’s in Ghana.

See video below.