Rescued Canadian girls: Ghanaian’s angry over unsolved #BringBackOurTaadiGirls,

Ghanaians on social media are unhappy and very upset over what they describe as the government’s bias attitude towards foreign nationals.

This is coming after 3 girls who went missing in Takoradi in the Western Region between August 2018 and January 2019 have not been found.

However, 2 Canadian girls who were kidnapped about 8 days ago have been found by the same security forces that have failed to make any headway in rescuing the Ghanaian girls.

Most Ghanaians on social media have accused the government and security forces of discrimination due to this.
In April, an Indian man was seized in Kumasi by an armed gang demanding a ransom. He was later rescued by police.

An Estonian diplomat was also rescued by police after being kidnapped in April in the capital, Accra.
Police are still searching for three Ghanaian women kidnapped in December in the southern city of Takoradi.

But the families of the still missing Ghanaian girls believe the police is doing nothing.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians on social media have also accused the police of discrimination arguing that they have not put in enough effort to rescue the Takoradi girls who have been missing for close to one year.

Below are some of the social media comments by Ghanaians sampled by

Jisam-Kelli Dolland wrote on twitter “To be honest some head of organizations in the security service must resign with immediate effect after the rescue of the Canadian citizens”. #BringBackOurTaadiGirls

Alberta A. Eshun twittered So? What about the 3girls from Takoradi? Their lives don’t matter to you right? #BringBackOurTaadiGirls

S_eagle@C1Eagle said Ghana Police never do anything within the first 72 hours. If you want to be sure, go to the police station to report an incident.

But the family reported it to the police as soon as the girls went missing? So what did they do post the initial report. Nothing! according to the families.#BringBackOurTaadiGirls

Can the Canadians who came to rescue the kidnapped Canadian citizens please stay on for like a week more and help us find our missing Takoradi girls? I will pay for accommodation I beg.

GODSON CHARNOR@godsoncharnor
We are crazy in this country see the way the government how fast we were to rescue the Canada girls we need the same attention for the Taadi girls #BringBackOurTaadiGirls.

Constantine @OnegodFather_
Two Canadian women goes missing in a week, and they’re already found within the next 24hrs. Three or more Ghanaian citizens are missing for more than 5months and the police comes out with senseless excuses to keep our hopes high. Ghana is a joke! #BringBackOurTaadiGirls

Jemila Abdulai
Please what’s the process for acquiring Canadian citizenship? I’d want an entire security team flown over for me if need be. Not a govt that barely knows the issues I have to deal with – or would likely blame me for my predicaments. #Ghana.

Jessica OS
Canadian women rescued. Takoradi girls still missing…. hmmm

Source: Coffie